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Breast Explant Miami

Even though breast implants have helped millions of patients achieve their cosmetic goals, that type of procedure won’t last forever. Hundreds of thousands of people get implants every year, and many of those patients will eventually need to have a breast explant procedure carried out as well. Also known as an en bloc capsulectomy, the explant surgery might be necessary if you want to restore the appearance of your breasts or your implants have recently become uncomfortable.

Reasons To Remove Breast Implants

Breast implant removal operations are extremely common, and most patients who have implants will need to have those medical prostheses replaced or removed entirely at some point. Even though modern implants are incredibly durable, they must withstand quite a bit over the years. Whenever the patient moves around or pressure is applied to the chest, the implant could shift slightly. Over time, those microscopic movements are going to add up, and the patient might notice that their breasts are no longer symmetrical or perky.

Older implants can also become uncomfortable as time goes on. If you gain or lose quite a bit of weight, then the underlying tissue that is supporting the implants could lose some of its elasticity. With the extra volume in your breasts, you might notice some discomfort when you exercise or sleep in unusual positions.

Breast Implant Complications

Another reason why some patients undergo the en bloc procedure is because they are currently dealing with a capsular contracture or their breast have changed over the years or they are worried about developing those complications in the future. While the breast augmentation procedure has a very high success rate,at some point the implants will have to be taken out.  After an implant is put in place, the body will naturally create scar tissue around the silicone shell. That scar tissue is perfectly safe in most situations, and it keeps the implants from moving around. Unfortunately, excess scar tissue could result in a condition known as capsular contracture CC.

With some of the amazing advances in medicine, only around one in six patients will develop some form of capsular contracture. Those cases are classified by the degree in which the body is attempting to reject the implant. The vast majority of patients who develop CC are completely asymptomatic, and that means they don’t notice any unusual problems with the look or feel of their breasts.

Is En Bloc Capsulectomy Right for Me?

Well before this surgery is carried out, you must schedule an initial consultation with  Dr. Jhonny Salomon. During that appointment, you and Dr. Salomon will discuss the concerns that you are having with the implants and then be able to determine if breast implant removal is right for you. In most cases, a healthy patient who is no longer happy with their implants will make an excellent candidate.

The steps that you take to prepare for your procedure are going to have an impact on your recovery. While you should get a complete pre-op checklist during your consultation, there are some basic rules that you can follow as well. As a general rule, we suggest that all of our patients try to be as healthy as possible in the weeks leading up to their surgery. That includes getting plenty of rest, following a healthy diet, and following the recommended pre-surgery protocols.

You should also spend a little bit of time getting your home ready for your return. Having a comfortable and safe place to relax will make your recovery much more enjoyable. After we remove implants, your breast tissue will take time to heal quite some time, and physically strenuous activities should be avoided until you are cleared by our team.

Prepping for Your Procedure

The average breast explant procedure is broken down into a few key steps, and this type of operation can usually be completed within just a few hours. When you arrive at our facility on the day of the operation, our nurse will escort you to a private room where you can be prepped for the procedure. Once you are ready, an anesthetic will then be administered by our board certified anesthesiologist to ensure your comfort. 

After the anesthetic is delivered, Dr. Salomon  will make an incision along the fold of the breast or near the areola. The breast implant removed, and the incisions are closed. If there was quite a bit of scar tissue, then some of that might need to be removed as well. We can then carry out the exact same steps on the other breast.

Your Procedure

To minimize your risk of complications, you must follow all of our aftercare instructions as directed. Properly caring for the treatment site is going to speed up your recovery and greatly improve your comfort. For most patients, we suggest remaining relatively sedentary for at least two weeks. After the anesthetic has worn off, you should be able to walk around with some help from a loved one. During your recovery, you should try to eat as healthy as possible and avoid any foods or beverages that might negatively interact with your pain medication.

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There are many different reasons why you might need to have your implants removed, and our friendly team is ready to help you through this process. We understand that implants can cause some complications over the years, and there may come a point when you are ready to return back to your natural size. Our practice offers excellent financing options for patients who need it for all of our procedures, and we go to great lengths to ensure that our treatments and services are affordable without compromising patient safety and results. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experienced and friendly surgeon at (305) 376-7595.

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